12-Weeks of in-depth fitness, nutrition and mindfulness coaching

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Isn't it time you transformed the way you feel (and look)?

Are you truly ready to make significant changes for the better in your body and mind? Isn't it time to make a real commitment to yourself and recognize that you deserve to feel and look your absolute best? I think so! And guess what? You can have this without feeling deprived or overwhelmed.

Hi, I'm Kenya Moses and I am a Women's Well-Being and Fitness Expert, Author and the Founder of Be A Fit Mama. If you've made it to this page I commend you and hope that you have found what you are looking for.


For over a decade I have helped thousands of women meet and exceed their wellness goals. It is my passion to support women to not only look great, but to feel truly well, grounded and healthy throughout their lives.


Recently I was speaking with a client and she mentioned that every quarter feels like she has to start over on her wellness journey. I asked her why, and she said that with the changing of the seasons it is often difficult to make the adjustment in food, exercise and just self-care in general. That's when I had the idea! I came up with the idea to create a 12-week program that addresses just those concerns: how to feel and look your best with the changing seasons (or time in general). How to reboot the system and create a roadmap that can be replicated whenever circumstances in our lives change. The program is called The 12-Week Total Body Reboot.


The 12-Week Total Body Reboot tackles not only the physical side of wellness, but the emotional and mental sides as well. No stone will be left unturned - and in the end you will feel like a new, refreshed, lighter and brighter you. 


Every two week period is divided into specific themes that build upon themselves and includes videos, audio, live coaching calls and more. 














  • 4 Fitness exercise Videos + 1 Live class every week

  • Mindfulness meditations and activities every week

  • 12 group coaching calls ( one every week)

  • Kenya's ebook, Transform Your Body in Just 20-Minutes a Day to support you during the 12-Weeks, plus

  • Access to the Total Body Reboot Private Facebook Group 

  • BONUS: Gain access to the Online 4-week challenge, The Just Press Play Challenge

  • BONUS: A 45-minute Private Well-Being Coaching Session with Kenya

Why would you want to join the program?

Clear Instruction

One of the most difficult parts of starting any program is getting the materials and not knowing what to do with it. In the 12-Week Total Body Reboot shows you exactly what to do to in order to help you reach your wellness goals through videos, reading materials and live coaching.

Just 20-Minutes a Day

I bet you didn't know you don't need to workout for hours on end to see benefits in your body. Each of Kenya's workouts average 20-minutes so that you can focus on all the important people and things in your life.

Accountability to achieve goals

You have the opportunity to chat with Kenya throughout the program to help you stay motivated and inspired to reaching your goals. Join the program private Facebook Group and meet other women working towards similar goals.

How can you access the program?

Available on your favorite devices.

Whether you enjoy watching videos on your phone, computer or tablet - the 12-Week Total Body Reboot Program is available across all platforms, so you don't have to wait to be in front of your computer when it's time for a program activity.

Delighted clients

What is included in the 12-Week Total Body Reboot?

Instant Access to:


Fitness Videos


4 Workout Videos + 1 live class every week. No worries if you are relatively new to working out. Every workout offers modifications and a variety of styles to keep you engaged and having fun!


Mindfulness Activities


Mindfulness meditations and activities every week. Following the theme and focus of the week, you will receive a guided video or audio activity to support you during the week. 


Healthy Eating Guide


A copy of Kenya's ebook Transform Your Body in Just 20-Minutes A Day; which includes the Healthy Eating Guide to support you during the 12-Weeks, plus


Live Group Coaching Calls


12 Group Coaching Calls - Weekly group coaching calls that focus on the theme of the week. Have Kenya coach you on challenges and celebrate your successes. These calls are recorded, so don’t worry if you are unable to attend.


Private Facebook Group


The 12-Week Total Body Reboot private Facebook Group is your first stop for support and encouragement. Ask Kenya questions about the challenge and get to know other challengers. 


BONUS: Immediate Access to The Just Press Play, 4-week Challenge to jump-start your wellness journey


BONUS: A 45-minute Private Well-Being Coaching session with Kenya 



Value of this program - $2497

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This program is next best thing to having Kenya coach you privately everyday. Join Women's Well-Being and Fitness Expert, Kenya Moses in this Live 12-week program to help you transform your mind and body in a supportive environment.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do I have to go on a strict diet?

What sort of time commitment is required on a daily basis?

Can I ask questions in the coaching calls?

Do I need to be on Facebook in order to participate?

What if something comes up and I can't do the activity for the day?

What if I want to work with Kenya privately?

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This program is next best thing to having Kenya coach you privately everyday. Join Women's Well-Being and Fitness Expert, Kenya Moses in this Live 12-week program to help you transform your mind and body in a supportive environment.

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100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

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